Erica James, CMO

Forbes Digital Assets

A Third-Generation Public Ledger:

In contrast to blockchain technology, Hedera Hashgraph uses DAG (Directed Acyclic Graph) as an underlying technology. Whereas blockchains rely mostly on proof-of-work as a consensus mechanism, which are energy-hungry and require miners to solve difficult, cryptographic puzzles, in DAGs the network participants act as nodes, which cross-validate each other’s transactions…

  1. Vestinwolf Global Opportunities Fund
    RoR — 348.51%
  2. Ardsley Partners Renewable Energy Fund, L.P.
    RoR — 161.61%
  3. Eastern Marathon Strategic Value Fund
    RoR — 102.34%
  4. Adrigo Small & Midcap L/S Fund
    RoR — 98.17%
  5. Q India Equity Fund Ltd
    RoR — 87.03%

Erica James, CMO

Vestinwolf Research Services (VRS) is the educational, analytical, research and development unit of Vestinwolf Holdings Ltd.

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